The Homeowners Association was established to carry your interest at heart.

The main objectives of the Association are:-

  1. to manage and promote the communal interests of the owners and occupiers of the Estate, and in particular to manage the collective interests common to all its members, which includes expenditure applicable to the common property of such members and the collection of levies for which such members shall from time to time be liable; and

  2. to carry out the following functions and duties; namely:

    • the exercise of control over and the maintenance of building, services and amenities arising from all subdivisions of the Estate;

    • to ensure that all owners of erven arising from the subdivision concerned shall be members of the Association and as such shall be jointly liable for expenditures incurred by the local authority in connection with the Association.


For more information on the Homeowners Association contact Colene at 082 772 9914.