Invest in your future today and make sure that you will be able to live in a safe and secure environment which will bring you closer to nature and provide to you 24-hour security.

Planned Facilities


1. Upgraded Golf Course

The golf course, once finished, will be one of the best in this area.  It promises to be a challenge and at the same time pure joy when construction is completed.  



2. Lifestyle Village

Development of the golf estate will be done in phases.  The plan is to erect a proper sports club, upgrade the golf club house and to provide basic shopping services to the residents.  


3. Security Control

The new entrance to the golf estate has already been completed.  With the development ropes being picked up once again, the security fencing will also be finalised.  This is to ensure the safety of the residents and those who wish to invest in the estate.  The already established Home Owners Association will ensure that strict rules and regulations are adhered to from erecting dwellings right through to the management and maintenance of the estate.